Unity Build Automaton [Update]

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January 23, 2014 by Nikos

Maybe I need to rename this tool :P….

To the juicy part, the new version is still under development but the changelog involves:


– Unity is now linked with the tool through registry digging by the tool. Do not be alarmed it just checks a specific key if exists and uses the value. If it’s not found there will be a menu item that lets you provide the exe to the tool. Also it’s optional and you can always set up the link by providing it through the file browser in the menu.

– Same thing was to be done for the applications used for zipping and moving the files but it turns out there’s a much better way to do that. By code. So no sniffing around the registry for 7zip or other applications. Just Unity.


– Selecting a project will provide a list of the scenes in it’s root folder and let you choose which of them you want and with what order for the build. It’s already implemented half way. This feature needs to inject an Editor script in the project for the reconstruction of the build settings’s scene list.

I’ve done my best to keep improving it and make it as generic as possible and avoid complications like lack of certain programs,libraries etc. All libraries needed will be embedded in the executable as well as any kind of resources(like said editor scripts).

If Unity3D ever extends the command line support and includes options for 64bit versions of Windows and Mac, this project will be updated as well. The same is true for the offchance that they provide command line arguments for the rest of the target platforms(at this point no console or smartphone platforms have command line support so Unity free will be constrained to building automatically just for Windows,Linux,Mac and Web Player).

Feel free to post anywhere(comment here or send me a message in Facebook/Twitter) to suggest other features and I’ll see if I can oblige.

PS: if Unity runs in administrator mode then this tools has to as well otherwise it won’t run. I figure requesting admin rights from the get go without you having to set it up is practical but seeing as many people will be skeptical about this I might as well prevent it from doing anything in case Unity needs admin rights.

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