Fun with designing games

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August 7, 2013 by Nikos

After several tries to write game stories(whether they’re finished or not) I’ve concluded that I’ve made the right choice in wanting to follow it as a career. It’s really fun trying to create worlds, stories,  plots, puzzles, characters etc, all magically interwoven in a way that makes the end result beyond expectations. Don’t be fooled though it’s a very difficult, time-consuming and demanding work requiring lots of refinement and iterations until the result is satisfactory at the least.

But there’s something else I’ve found. After talking with a friend on his own WIP game project, we got to talking about the game and it’s plot, puzzles and story. The overall experience of working with another designer was very much fun as well as easier. It’s easier to brainstorm when there’s more people. There’s immediate feedback and polishing on ideas that get out of the brainstorming session which makes the whole process much quicker. With just one person this becomes a long list of bullets to consider. Not to mention ideas keep popping up faster with both people firing up ideas triggered by something the other one said. Highly creative stuff.

Of course that doesn’t mean that the same applies to everyone. But having a second opinion at hand at every moment, one from a different point of view possibly, even one criticising an idea saying how bad the idea is, is always great. Feedback is everything when it comes to creation. Especially when the creators themselves are very inexperienced.

My point is, try to create games with others. As long as the whole team loves creating games and working at it without getting bored at the first corner, doing even the boring stuff (like creating flow charts and writing documents etc) all that work that most people marvel leaving at others, the process will be fun and fullfilling.

PS: It’s a very good learning experience but don’t get me wrong. It’s not panacea. You have to try at it alone sometimes, to try and refine your way of thinking and working at ideas. Finding a work process that suits you.

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