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August 5, 2013 by Nikos

This is just a spur of the moment kind of thing…you know, one of those moments when you get an idea and can’t focus on anything else. This scene started like that. Images stuck in my mind and a voice commanding me to write it. Tell me what you think about it and be as frank about it as you can. It’s a first try into writing and I
need all the feedback i can get. Thanks!


David: is dressed in fine clothing(something akin to the dresses in Phantom of the Opera) and wears a venetian mask that covers half of his face like those that are supposed to cover scars. He also has a goatee. Last but not least he has a long overcoat.

Jamie: is dressed like a cowgirl. Cowboy boots and hat, red checkered shirt hanging from the shoulders with a sleeveless t-shirt inside, blue jeans. Her hair is made into twin tails.


The two characters are ex lovers that due to distance have gone apart. They still have feelings for each other but the distance is too strong a factor for their enstrangement.


The room is full of people but not so many to call it crowded. David is there with a friend of his, chatting up random people. He’s having a good time. This party was his friend’s idea.

“Come on man let’s go to this party. It’s gonna rock. Plus there are many chicks we can chat there and who knows maybe one of us or better yet both of us get out of it with a date.” he said to convince David. David, on the other hand, was still hung up with his ex. Nevertheless, he consented. He thought it would be a good chance for him to be refreshed and have fun and for once be able to forget even for a couple of hours. And having a chat with total strangers would be a good change of pace.

However, fate can be very cruel. Things happen when you’ve lowered your defense, the so called “coincidences”.

The door bell rang.

New arrivals thought David. The conversation he was in was more interesting though and kept him from checking up on the new guests. At some point he felt a poke on his shoulder. He turns over and there she is……Jamie. The source of all his emotional turmoil over the past two years. She smiles and says hi, obviously not recognizing him. Intrigued by his costume she went to talk to strike up a conversation with him.

She said something but David would not talk. He could not, to be exact. Uttering even one word would give him up. Things weren’t exactly good or settled between them and so far it seems Jamie hadn’t noticed who she was trying to talk to. There was only one solution, to run away. Anyone else might have stayed but for David it was a very complicated situation. Things between them were at a stalemate of sorts mostly due to the distance. Meeting her like this out of the blue because of their friends’ mutual friends wouldn’t be much of an excuse. At least that’s what David though at the time.

If you think about it, it’s a perfectly logical explanation but when you get cornered emotionally so quickly, logic seems to take a different form.

Without a word David turned and fled. Right after he exited the building he staggered to a nearby wall and leaned. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. The deep breaths were necessary to regain some composure. The blow of fate was far ”below the belt” than he could endure. He was feeling a jumble of things. Love, confusion, elation, disappointment, euphoria and fear. All at the same time. Complicated is the only word for it. He was so glad for laying eyes on Jamie after such a long time but all the while feeling nervous from how close he got to a very bad situation he could have gotten in. Just as he calmed himself and started walking away, Jamie exited the building. She yells at him,“Hey!!! Why did you run away like that? Did I say anything wrong?”

David stopped almost instantly and sighed. At that moment he had already realized he could not take the easy way out. Turning over and facing her was one of the hardest things we had to do. Finally he opened his mouth and the words “I’m sorry” were heard.

Next thing, Jamie was staring at him while he was taking off his mask. He waited as she was obviously stunned at the realization. Seemed like too much time had passed and the look on her face had not changed at all. Before she could say anything, he took the initiative to explain. Not that he had enough confidence it would work but at times like these you have to take a leap of faith. Nothing ventured nothing gained, they say.

His heart still beating fast from having her in front of him again in such a short time.”I never expected to see you here tonight. The universe has a strange sense of humor don’t you think?”. With a slight grin and a hint of sadness he pressed on. “Coming here was a pure coincidence. My friend Henry convinced me to come with the promise of fun and being a stranger among strangers with a costume on. But to think you’d come and even try to talk to me, it’s too much.”. He messed up his hair and exhaled heavily, moving his gaze in every direction but Jamie’s. Biting his lips he continued still looking away “I tried to take the highway but you had to come after me.”

Jamie had recovered from the shock and was listening quietly. Her eyes were starting to form tears and her face was a bit red.

“..Anyway, I think I’m gonna go now. I really don’t want you to take this meeting the wrong way so…….please forget it happened and go have fun. Good Night.”.

Just as he was turning around Jamie noticed the sky for the briefest of moments. It was full of stars. It was on a night like this that the passion between them had manifested. It was a night she still could not forget and probably would never forget. At the last moment she grabbed his coat with her hand firmly enough to stop him from walking away. He turned halfway only to find her looking downwards still holding his coat.

“Don’t go.” she said with a low voice barely enough for him to hear.

Jamie raised her gaze to meet David’s. This time her eyes were overflowing with tears.

David was surprised by how captivating Jamie’s crying look still was for him. Her eyes tended to change color whenever she cried, changing from the usual light brown to a beautiful laurel green with a hint of amber towards the middle. Dumbfounded as he was, he managed to say “You know this time it’s final, right?”.

He continued. “There’s no going back no matter what happens. Even if I’ll probably still love you, I need to know this time you’ll be mine and mine alone. No distractions, no excuses, no running away at the first sign of trouble and certainly no secrets.”

She nodded exclaiming the slightest sound of acceptance. Both of them had this yearning look to them, passionate. They both gave in and leaned at the same time to kiss. Her lips were a little salty from the tears but David did not mind. They tasted so sweet to him.

Nearly two years of pent up feelings were from both of them were being released in one long kiss. At that moment the most dominant feelings were intoxication and ecstasy. Eyes still closed they loosened their hold of each other. David slowly opened his eyes.

Jamie looked more beautiful than ever.

“My mind says No but in my heart I know that no matter how far apart we are and no matter how much time goes by I’ll still think about you and have feeling for you. So far I’ve been listening to my mind and while it was not painful to be away it also wasn’t any good either. I wasn’t happier.” she said.

These were the words he had waited two years to hear. Instantly she got lost in his arms. A moment later her expression turned to a blissful one. They remained like that for hours till the morning sun greeted them, full of promise for better days to come.

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