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December 7, 2012 by Nikos

It’s been sometime since I updated this blog. That is due to an interrail trip. I’m still far away from home and will be for three more weeks. This trip is not just a vacation. It’s also about getting inspiration from the change of environment, the different places I get to see and just about anything that might cause a spark to be created in my mind. I still have the better part of the journey and the real material gathering ahead of me so the story I’ve been trying to write will be put in the backburner temporarily till I get where I’m supposed to for the research.

On another note, I visited a developer in search of a possibility of employment as a scripter/programmer/whatever else I can do for them, after my army duty is done(I’m not going to divulge info on the dev just yet). Not surprisingly, they asked me to study some of the tools they are using as well as make a game to show them when I decide to apply. So since the informal “interview”-like conversation I’ve been designing a mini adventure game for this purpose. To tell you the truth I had anticipated this development so I had started it a bit earlier than my meeting with the developer. But all the same I need to make this first.

For now the only thing I can say about this mini project(I say mini because it’s going to be short in terms of duration) is that I’m going to use their tools for this so that I hit two birds with one stone(no reason to kill them… them for food I say….it’s snowing where I am,so much we’re bound to have difficulty with getting food at some point :P). The theme and story of this project was influenced by a movie and a series for educating kids on a certain subject that I used to watch as a kid. I’ll post more about the project later into the design.


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