Different localisations of the same game are different games?


November 24, 2012 by Nikos

Today I read this forum thread where someone bought a german edition of a game by mistake and he couldn’t play it. The publisher doesn’t help at all when all that’s needed is a localisation file to make it an english version. I understand that localisation takes money but isn’t it stupid ,and even unethical at some point, to distinguish different localisation versions as different games and treat customers who bought one of those versions like that?

At least consider giving a subtitle file to rectify the situation, to make the game playable. Many games are coming out with multiple language and subtitle files and many of them with different os-versions. We are talking about a paying customer. At this day and age where many people resort to downloading pirated versions, this type of behaviour doesn’t exactly help the publisher’s image.

My opinion is that localisation should be given free as long as you buy the game. In the end what you want to sell is the story. And if localisation still costs too much to be doable, at least give english subtitles along with whatever else you provide.I don’t have a problem listening to different languages if I can have some way of understanding what they say.Anything else means the game is unplayable.

Normally this would be dealt as a misinformation by the store in buying a german version when there shouldn’t even be one there instead of it’s english counterpart and a send back followed by a refund should be in order. But it shouldn’t even be such a problem to send the english subtitle file. Especially when the english versions seem to have stopped being produced. And if they haven’t they’re very pricey to buy for various reasons(talking only about physical versions of the game).

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Different localisations of the same game are different games?

  1. Zer0 says:

    That’s just the way it is with Publishers I’m afraid.
    “In the end what you want to sell is the story.” For most AAA games, it doesn’t even seem that they care anymore, it seems to be all about the money…

    For me, I think money isn’t enough incentive for me to make a game. I’m going it because I enjoy video games and I want to tell a story. It’s a damn shame that not many publishers care about their developers and even more of a shame that the developers are driven into the ground to do work that doesn’t really mean anything.

    I guess that’s just me though, I don’t like how business comes first when it comes to stuff like this. It crushes people’s creativity. I agree on what you’re talking about though, they should at least give it out for free. They’re only messing themselves up by not doing it.

    • Nikos says:

      firstly we are talking about adventure games…..AAA games(eg PES 2013) don’t sell story but they do sell localisations along with the one copy you purchase.but at least english subs damn it….it’s the only language you pretty much expect everyone to know.
      i do understand publishers at some points and how business comes first because they take the risk for a game that might not sell at the end and they do want some insurance for what they give,they get that insurance as final decision making and administration etc.But damn this is getting desperate if they make different localisations as different games.

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